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The Mystery of the Ups and Downs of Acorn Production


Climate Change: Acorn Production

Heather Shannon 

            The climate of the Earth has been changing for as far as life can be traced back, but the effects of climate change seem to be getting even worse. New climate extremes (highs and lows) are being recorded all over the world, and many different theories for this change are under discussion. During the video I watched in my Field Natural History class it stated, “Man has control over the world and everything in it,” and I completely agree. The planet is being transformed and we, society, play a huge contributing factor. However, the gradual change in climate is starting to pose more threats on our environment as a whole. The global aspects such as, global warming and natural disaster are constantly being talked about in the media throughout the world. But I think some people need to step back and realize the littler issues that directly have an impact on our local community.

            For example, a huge topic on the issue is the threats on wildlife, such as, polar bears. With temperatures warming up, ice and mountains are melting causing the population and natural survival of certain animal species to drop. With that as inspiration I decided to walk out into my own “wildlife” in Winchester, Virginia. One thing I initially noticed was the number of squirrels running through the woods, up the trees, and down the paths. When I started to think about how simple animals like squirrels are affected by the climate change in this area it actually turned out to be an interesting topic. I began to research the production of acorns and see how that can change based on climate changes. The reasoning behind this production research is to see how much food is attainable for squirrels.  

            An acorn is a nut that can be found on an oak tree, and it is a dominant source of food for some animals in the wildlife.  Acorns have a tough exterior and can vary from 1-6 centimeters in length.  The production of acorns depends on the life and development of an oak tree, and also the demand for acorns in each environment. What I mean by this is, the more animals in need of the acorns for food, the more sparse they will appear. 

            I stated earlier in my paper, Oak Trees are what produce acorns and provide them to wildlife around the world. After researching I read about how oak trees do not produce acorns until they are about 20 years old, and the number of acorns are sporadic depending on each year. Furthermore, oak trees production can be highly tested by climate change and placement. In colder areas, such as Northern climates, the trees will drop their leaves in the fall like the typical trees seen in other types. Another contributing factor to oak tree life is the soil where the tree is planted, for example, if an oak tree is located in a dry site it is less likely to grow fast and efficient. Think about it… Climate change plays a huge part in the growing of our ecosystem. Freezing temperatures, droughts, and heat waves are all examples of a disaster for an oak tree.

            When oak tree’s production shifts, it also shifts the life and population of certain wildlife animals, such as, squirrels. They are dependent on acorns because that’s there own mean of survival… their food. When climate change affects the growing and producing of oak trees, the acorn production is either slowed down, or brought to a complete stop. This is a vital issue for squirrels, because if they don’t have enough food then they can’t grow as a population in the environment. “Lives of some animals revolve around acorns…” and as years go on, we will see how the climate change continues to hurt wildlife animals in our very own area.


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“The power of respect is loyalty,” couldn’t be more real statement.

Heather Shannon:

Wow… this blog is actually a little offensive. It’s crazy to read something who was written by somebody with completely different views than mine. Of course I respect the bloggers right to his own opinion, but I think it was be awesome to have a tattooed President in the future!

Originally posted on The Problem with Young People Today Is...:

The problem with young people today is that they all have tattoos.

When I was a boy the only people with tattoos were convicts, sailors and circus freaks. And that made sense – it was a warning to keep your distance if you knew what was good for you.

My friends didn’t have “body art”, they had good old fashioned moles and hare lips and freckles and the occasional bruise from where their dads had cuffed ‘em one for talking out of turn.

None of this horseshit barbed wire, spider web and Japanese calligraphy nonsense. It’s a damned atrocity is what it is. They look like a bunch of acid smoking, pot sniffing peacocks – strutting around in their inky finery and scaring decent old folks half way to Hell and back.

And don’t they know you can’t rub ‘em off when you sober up in your thirties and realize…

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Heather Shannon:

I agree that society is heading towards a downward spiral, however, I don’t think young people can take all the blame for the nation’s “moral decay.” I think it’s this generation that will help modernize ideas and beliefs without losing important traditional values.

Originally posted on The Problem with Young People Today Is...:

It seems to me that one of the best indicators of this nation’s moral decay is the reprehensible nonsense that passes for humor nowadays.

When I was a boy, people didn’t have time for humor. We were too busy wiping the smirk off Hitler’s face to concern ourselves with mindless tittering and idle guffaws. For us, laughter was like shoe laces or smallpox vaccines – nice to have but not a luxury most of us could afford.

And when we did indulge ourselves in some mindless comic diversion we sought out decent, civilized humorists – men who told knock-knock jokes and lamented their wives outrageous spending and disappointing attempts to make pot roast. Men who peppered us with puns and poked fun at the foibles of nagging mothers-in-laws and the dangers of shady foreigners.

Our comics didn’t denigrate our country’s values – they embodied them.

These days though it seems…

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Heather Shannon:

lol definitely true!

Originally posted on Live, Nerd, Repeat:

*Ok so this first part has nothing to do with bumper stickers.

I haven’t posted in a while, but it’s been for a good reason.

I’ve been in training for my new job and it’s been pretty intense. Despite having no medical background, I now am somehow advising physicians on cardiology products and procedures.

Scary right?

Anyway, I’ve been studying really hard to make sure I don’t have a hand in accidentally killing your Nana.

At this point, I’d like to note that my restoration magic skill isn’t very high.

Destruction magic is more my forte’. You can see how I don’t want this scenario playing out to its conclusion.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.

*Alright, this is the part where I talk about bumper stickers.

For those that don’t know, I’ve spent the past three years living in Germany. Now, I’m back in the US and I’m trying…

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Heather Shannon:

Love this blog! Shows how we’re all connected, no matter what religion or background.

Originally posted on Life As I Understand It.:

Since the time of Confucius, and probably even before that, man has been very aware of the concept of the Golden Rule.  Confucius himself said, “Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.”

And all of the major religions of the world have a similar concept. All religions, although most religious zealots would not agree, actually have the same spiritual tenet running through their belief system.

  • Buddhists believe: “Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.”
  • Christians believe: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  • Jews believe: “That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. That is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation; go and learn.”
  • Hindus believe: “One should never do that to another which one regards as injurious to one’s own self.”
  • Muslims believe: “That which you want for yourself, seek for…

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Originally posted on The Grown Up Kids:

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Heather Shannon:

I actually loved the Home Depot Marriage Proposal.. I thought it was a beautiful act of true compassion!

Originally posted on Mommy Man:

Cry all you want, everyone I know on Facebook. If I’m being honest with you (and I probably won’t be to your face), that Salt Lake City Home Depot gay marriage proposal video you all insist on posting makes me sick.

Oh, don’t get all huffy now. I agree. Hooray for gays publicly displaying their affection in a typically macho store in a typically religious town! It Gets Better! Huzzah!

You know which video I mean. Today it’s this one:

Next week it’ll be some other video in some other town with some other couple, maybe straight, maybe gay but definitely eyerollingly cutesy.

Seriously, I’m done with these wannabe viral flash mob marriage proposals.


And here’s why…

1. I don’t find them romantic. Whatever happened to going out for a nice dinner, pulling out a ring, getting down on one knee and being done with it? Am I supposed…

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Originally posted on Doll With a Frown:

banished every memoryIMG_2174Haunted copyHaunted2brick

IMG_4193 copy - CopyIMG_4989IMG_0472

Summer time round here seems to be getting a bit hazy, and a little bit slow. Photography adventures are cut short by the sun setting too quickly. And so its time to settle back into my desk with my paintbrush! This year has changed me, broken me down, built me up and taught me so much that if I didnt have all of this I wouldnt know where to begin. I’m so thankful to be able to say that now, more than ever I know where I’m heading.

I’m so lucky to have all of you here to share this with, and I appreciate all of your lovely comments! Here’s a few pics from recent Grace & the Heart photoshoots, with a bit of a Doll with a Frown twist.

Grace xxx

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